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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the process of updating our app, including the name, logo and images. Formerly known as "Grey Tree Boutique", our app is still currently under this name and displays the old logo, however, our website operates under our updated brand, The Grey Tree Homestead. If you are a current user of the app, all functions will remain the same and there is nothing you need to do. If you are a new customer, you can still download the app and the new branding will update once launched.  

How do I Start Shopping?

This app is here to make shopping Facebook + Instagram Live Sales easier and more convenient 

Go to the app store for iPhone or Android and search "Grey Tree Boutique". 

  1. Download it
  2. Create an account and login 

Home Page 

This is the page you will see when you open the app. Here you can browse the products in our shop. You can also shop replays of past live sales which are displayed at the top of the home page. 


Home Page Top Layout + Links

My Feed + Other Tabs: "My Feed" contains all recently uploaded products. If you would like to view particular items, you can select different tabs to see products under that specific category, such as tops, bottoms, etc. To view other tabs, scroll the tab bar to the left.

Filter: You can also click the filter icon to narrow your search to show only certain products that meet the selected criteria

Search: In the top right corner, you can enter key words or descriptions to view items matching your search

Cart: In the top right corner, you can view your cart 

Home Page Lower Layout + Links

Home Page Icon: To return to the "Home" page at any time. you can select the "Home" Icon in the lower left corner. 

Waitlist Icon: In the lower middle of the home page, you will see the "Waitlist" icon. This is where you will find the products that you have added to your waitlist. Waitlisted items are items that are sold out, but that you can select to be notified when and if they are restocked. Please Note: Waitlisting an item does not guarantee that an item will be restocked, but by adding it to your waitlist, you will be notified if it is. 



Account Icon: In the lower right corner, you can select "Account" to view and update your profile.


Store Credit: Under your username you will see any store credit that you have available to use, such as from a return or referrals. There will be a check box option at checkout that says "Apply Credit". You can select this option to apply the credit to that purchase.  

Profile: Here you can ensure that your first and last name, email and phone number are entered correctly, subscribe to promotional email notifications and SMS notifications and change your password if needed. 

Order History: This tab will display all the orders you have placed including the order #, date, status (fulfilled, cancelled, etc.) and the total. Clicking on a specific order will display a more detailed view of the transaction, including subtotal, tax, shipping, applied coupons or account credit, the total, whether it was selected to be shipped or picked up locally and the items in that order. 

Link Facebook Account: You can select to link your Facebook account for a more seamless shopping experience, such as if you are on Facebook instead of the app when we go live. 

Notifications: To be notified when we go live on Facebook or Instagram, make sure your notifications are "Enabled"

Loyalty: Share + Earn Credit

When you select the Share + Earn Credit link, a pop up will appear that provides you with a message containing your unique referral code. You can copy and share this message with others. You can read about how our referral program works below: 

  • Share the message containing your unique referral code. The message will read something like "Hey! Use code "xxxxx" for 15% off your first purchase with Shop Grey Tree!" with the link to the app. 
  • When your referral code is used by a first time customer to make a purchase on the app, the new customer will receive 15% off their first order and you will receive a $5 credit. Credits can be used immediately or can be accumulated. 

Privacy Policy: Our app is built through Comment Sold and App Developers. You can read our Privacy Policy at any time by clicking the Privacy Policy link under your account or you may view it here at App Privacy Policy: The Grey Tree Homestead     

    App Features

    • Tune into our lives within our app. No Facebook or Instagram account necessary.
    • Convenient shopping. Simply add items to your cart while watching live feeds.
    • View and edit your waitlist.
    • In app notifications for every live feed and fit video.
    • Exclusive sales and more.


    All the same Comment Sold guidelines apply within the Grey Tree Boutique app. See below. 

    How Do I Shop on a Facebook or Instagram Live?

    1. Once you have located our live sale, a live replay or posted item, you will need to click into the Write a comment field.
    2. You can then type Register and hit the enter key on your keyboard.
    3. Our shop will automatically send you a confirmation link where you will then need to select Log In.
    4. A new window will open and ask you to confirm your contact details. Once done, select Confirm.
    5. Last, on the left side of the account page, you will need to select the Get Started link, if present. This may launch an additional pop-up asking for confirmation.

    Items only stay in your cart for 4 hours before it expires and goes to the next person on the waitlist. Items go in order of comments and inventory availability. 

    Comment Format:

    SOLD "#" 

    If size is required it will need to be added after the SOLD "#" including a space.

    For example comment: 

    SOLD 100 Small

    Message for notification that an item is in your cart:


    Message for notification that you are waitlisted for an item:


    Message for notification that an item is now in your cart and available for purchase:

    Why did I not receive a message after I commented?

    If you comment and do not receive a message, try commenting again. Make sure you are commenting in the correct format. Our system will not recognize a comment that is not typed or formatted correctly. 

    Why was my Comment Sold item/order cancelled? 

    If you are checking out through Comment Sold there may be a system delay that can result in the possibility of an item becoming sold out. Even though it shows you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled.

    Return Policy  

    Our Return Policy for app orders is the same for those through our webstore. You can read our Return Policy here