Wild Woolies Birdhouse- Pixie House

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The original hand felted birdhouse!  Hang outdoors in a protected area (on a porch) where birds like to nest. Includes clean-out hole. Even use for indoor decor! 

This hand felted wool birdhouse is made of sustainably harvested, naturally water repellent wool. Surface moisture from dew, rain or snow quickly dries in the open air. Wool is also naturally dirt and mold resistant. The 1.25 inch hole can be enlarged to 1.5 inches to appeal to larger birds. Measures 9"H x 4"W

Made in Nepal

MEET THE MAKER: dZi Inc. has been working with artisans in the Tibetan exile community in India since 1990, and with Nepali artisans involved in traditional Tibetan style crafts since 1995. Their products are marketed as part of dZi’s ‘Tibet Collection’ line.