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Semblance Window Candle

Semblance Window Candle

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  • One 9" candle made of durable fade-resistant plastic
  • Turn it on once, batteries will last the entire holiday season*
  • Battery life up to 540 hours*
  • New innovative LED flicker technology
  • Dusk/Dawn sensor

*Will last 45 days running 12 hours a day on 2 "C" alkaline batteries (not included)

Select your flame color by tilting upside down and back again. Photo control turns candle on at dusk and off at dawn. Two "C" alkaline batteries (not included) will last the entire holiday season! 

  • 3 Position slide switch 
    • Off
    • Flicker- Candle flickers like a real flame unlike other candles that just blink 
    • Full on
  • Provides superior brightness and extended battery life 
  • LED light source- eliminates need for bulb replacement 
  • Amber or Warm White flame color option 
  • Safe and easy to operate 
    • No heat generated 
    • No glass that can break 
  • Can be used as an emergency candle 

WARNING: This is not a Toy and not intended for children. Indoor use only. 


1. Remove button cover by pushing down on tab and lifting up cover. 

2. Insert 2 "C" alkaline batteries (not included)

NOTE: Heavy duty batteries will not have reduced battery life compared to alkaline. 

CAUTION: Do not mix new and old batteries. Do not mix alkaline and standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel cadmium) batteries. 

3. Slide cover back into position and snap in place.

4. Place candle at desired location with photocell facing light source. 

5. Select setting you prefer with slide switch (down for off, middle for flicker light and up for full on feature). 

NOTE: Photocell automatically shuts off candle during daylight hours. 

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