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Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil

Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil

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Treat your beard

Sandalwood Bourbon

A Tastefully Smooth, Sandalwood Scent To Quench Any Beard’s Thirst

Our Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil is made of natural essential oils that will hydrate and nourish your glorious face friend. Get lost in the smooth, comforting scents of myrrh, and grapefruit, that will remind you of a summertime spent embarking on daylong canoe trips or kicking back dockside with a tumbler of your favorite beverage.

Made from natural oils. No harsh chemicals. All-Natural Scents. 

Size: 1 oz Bottle
Smooth Bourbon, Leather-bound Books
Apply directly to beard and massage into the hair and skin
Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Bergamot, Coriander, Basil, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

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