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Sweet Grass Farm

Natural Lightly-Fragranced Laundry Sachets- Grapefruit

Natural Lightly-Fragranced Laundry Sachets- Grapefruit

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Product Description

Enjoy clean-smelling, lightly-fragranced clothes with these natural lightly-fragranced sachets! Each sachet is good for five or six washes. One bundle includes THREE sachets that can be used to freshen drawers, gym bags, shoes and anything else that smells less than pleasant! Also, included is an extra muslin bag to place sachet in if using in dyer with damp clothes.

Instructions for Use in Dryer with Damp Clothes 

Please double bag sachet by inserting into enclosed extra muslin bag. Place sachet in dryer with damp clothes and let it it tumble! :) 

  • Natural fragrances
  • Includes THREE sachets in each bundle
  • Choose from five different Farmhouse fragrances
  • Use anywhere that needs a little freshening!
  • Good for five or six washes
  • Made in USA
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