Maroc Rose Pistachio Cardamom Cookies


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Food is as much a looking glass of our life experiences and dreams as our homes. While our culinary endeavors often draw from passed down recipes and nostalgic flavors of childhood, we also are inspired by cultural delicacies and traditions. If we haven't been able to experience them first hand, we may still have a taste of places afar, with authentic ingredients and thoughtfully curated elements. Like a book that transports us through unknown times and places, so does food engage us in a sensory experience that may take us world away or back to local flavors, all within the walls of our own kitchens. 

Makabi & Sons' mission is to create baked delights that "honor local traditions and uphold universal appeal". Inspired by their mother's love of the eccentric and romantic, their creations are a way of sharing in her appreciation of wonder. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Makabi & Sons are craft bakers who cultivate moments of daydreaming through local flavors using carefully selected, artisan ingredients. Small batch, handmade and carefully crafted, they are a thoughtful gift for close friends or as a personal indulgence. Enjoy with tea, as an evening snack or a delicate dessert. 

Shortbread Butter Cookies- Rose, Pistachio + Cardamom 

Shortbread butter cookies with roasted pistachio, fragrant rosewater and aromatic cardamom. Forgotten treasures wait beyond a bustling Moroccan spice souq. The grand Souq rumbles with the sound of nomads and traders. Unleash the herbed pine sweetness amidst rosy tones. A taste of Berber life awaits.

The blue and silver teapot illustration makes this box a perfect gift. Pair with tea or flowers. 


  • Carefully selected artisan ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches 
  • Illustrative, decorative box perfect for gift giving 
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives 
  • 3.6 oz (6 cookies per box)
  • Made in USA


Enriched flour, butter, sugar, pistachio, cardamom, dried rose, rose water, natural flavor, salt

Handmade Made in USA