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Loofah Art- Dog

Loofah Art- Dog

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Loofah-Art kitchen scrubbers are made from the sustainably harvested, fairly traded loofah plant. This scrubber makes washing dishes fun. These cute and whimsical designs will cheer up your kitchen, while supporting farmers and fabricators in developing countries. Loofah-Art will not scratch and can be used on almost any surface. You can use it as a body scrubber too!

Made in India under fair wage, fair labor conditions. "Loofah-Art and our partners continue to practice all aspects of fair trade to bring hope and possibility for thousands!!"

Loofah Scrubbers

  • All Surface Safe 
  • More Effective 
  • Longer Lasting 

*Gentle enough to clean fruits & vegetables

*Tough enough to clean stubborn pots, pans and soiled dishware. 

* Non-scratch fibers are safe to use on: 

  • Wood, glass, porcelain & tiles, china, stainless steel, copper, seasoned cast iron, counter/stove tops, appliance, microwave ovens, cooled down grills, all delicate non-stick surfaces. 

* Cleaning: Just rinse, squeeze & hang to dry- always stays fresh. 

Humanitarian Impact

One of the motivators behind the mission of Loofah-Art, LLC is to undertake the challenge of helping to provide both humanitarian and economic support to impoverished farmers and their families in developing cultures around the world. 

Currently, over 11,000 farmers have been trained and certified to grow and cultivate loofah sponges. The fabricating process employs local craftsmen and technicians who hand process, dye, sew and finish the products and package them for shipment. 

The growing of loofah not only helps save the land from ecological erosion, but a percentage of all proceeds received from the sale of Loofah-Art products goes back to the countryside to provide funding to build new schools, much needed medical care and decent living conditions. 


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