Spacer Ring Siena Stainless Steel Glass Crystal

Spacer Ring Siena Stainless Steel Glass Crystal

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Stainless Steel. Glass Crystal. 

The multifunctional spacer ring Siena compliments your INTERCHANGEABLE collection with endless surprising possibilities. 

Wear it as a pendant, accessorize any of our hoop earrings, or incorporate it into your ring stack for a complete look!

Care Advice

  • Firmly tighten the top everyday to prevent loss 
  • Ensure the rubber stopper ring is clapped firmly between the top and ring base 
  • When changing a top check if the rubber ring is still present and intact 

Keeping Your Jewelry Bright and Beautiful 

  • It's best to store in the original packaging, in a padded pouch or in one of our collector's boxes 
  • Store separately from other items. It's important to avoid contact with hard and sharp objects 

Like all jewelry it's best to put items on after dressing and take items off before undressing to avoid snagging in your clothing. This will avoid damaging your jewelry, your clothes, or yourself. 

  • Remove all items for sports and swimming 
  • Please pay particular attention to the use of chemicals, such as perfume, hairspray, creams, soaps, lotions, medications, etc. This can affect the pH value of the skin and can lead to discoloration of leather and metal finishes and other elements used in our jewelry.