Honey + Bees Tea Towel


The activity of bees is a thrilling sign of the stirrings of spring and the arrival of warm weather. What once slumbered, awakens and the sun is never grumbled about as an unwanted guest, as it is awaited earlier in the morning and savored later in the evening. 

Items like these are ones we love to find a place for in our kitchens.

Simple in design, they are humble and uncomplicated additions that captivate the idyllic nature of the season with anticipation of leisurely summer days ahead. Printed on cotton with tassel detail, each towel depicts a part of bee and honey cycle: the work in the hive, the honeycomb and the jarring of honey. This makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with a fascination or appreciation of the life of bees, a honey lover, gardener or someone in need of well wishes. Paired with honey, tea and jam it is also a sweet gift when going to another's home. Consider arranging in a wicker basket for a wholesome offering. 


  • Cotton
  • 3 Design options: hive, honeycomb + jar 
  • Tassel edge detail
  • Pair with honey, tea or jam 
  • Sweet gift for: Get Well, Thinking of You, Thank You, Hostess 
  • 27" H x 17" W.