Hanging Canvas Organizer


For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

– Anonymous

If we were to take but just a few moments to organize our thoughts, our socks, the drawer with all the "important" stuff, the drawer with the "junk" stuff or the Tupperware cabinet, we would save so much precious time in our day. We may not be able to have our whole lives planned down to a science, but perhaps a few little organized corners can help relieve some of the unnecessary stresses of our daily tasks. Bathroom accessories that need some tidying, kitchen staples that somehow always end up on the back of the highest shelf or the overstuffed sock drawer can make us all sigh a little. We love our hanging canvas organizer. Compact and easy to hang, they can be hung on a door or wall in any space, such as bedrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, closets, garden sheds or wherever you may need a little more clarity in your home. 


  • Cotton w/brass detail
  • 9 pockets of 3 different sizes. 4 open bands on bottom. 
  • Some Uses: Sandals or smaller shoes, rolled kitchen towels, art supplies, laundry items, garden tools, socks + more
  • 28" H x 18" W.