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Handmade Fire Starters (Set of 3)

Handmade Fire Starters (Set of 3)

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Set of 3

Burning Scents Fire Starters are an eco-friendly, easy and convenient way to light your campfires, fire pits and wood burning fireplaces without the need to use newspaper or hazardous types of lighter fluid.  

Simply place one fire starter underneath your kindling and light the wick.  The lit wick will burn long enough to get your fire started.

Each of our fire starters are hand-crafted in Lil’ Rhody.  They are made with all natural products: soy wax, cotton wicks, paper and items found in Mother Nature. Each one is unique; no two are exactly the same.  While our fire starters aren’t meant to be scented, they might throw off some fragrance because we use our pouring pitchers that are used on our scented candles as well.  

These make an adorable gift for your friends, family and the men in your life!  We hope you enjoy our little creations while making memories with the people you love.

WARNING: These fire starters are NOT for use in gas fireplaces or gas stoves. Do NOT burn as a candle; they are NOT candles.

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