Grain Sack Planter Bag



Like a child, seedlings grow and thrive when given care, love and encouragement. Planting is a delicate balance of watering the soil to nourish the roots, but not over watering that they drown, providing enough warmth that they are not too cold, but not so much warmth that they suffocate from the heat. Fabric planter bags allow for better air flow for your plants and preventing overheating, while also reducing plastic usage by using a natural material planter. Enjoy watching your seedlings grow. These grain sack planter bags also bring in an organic and natural feel to the home and can also be used as small storage containers, faux plant holders or decor.   


  • Cotton
  • Creates better air flow for plants
  • Replaces plastic pots
  • Uses: As planters, small baskets + storage containers, faux plant holders, decor 
  • 3 Design options
  • 7.5" H x 7" Diameter