Ghostie Luminary

Ghostie Luminary

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of these items, each piece is unique. Each glaze is different, so we cannot guarantee a particular colored luminary. Please select item based on size (Sizes may vary only slightly)! Thank you! We hope you love your ghostie! 

BESTSELLER: Perfect to light up a chilly autumn night - you can use these with either a real candle or we personally recommend using a battery operated / LED candle (so that you can worry about which wine you're going to drink... not worry about if you left the candle burning!) A cylindrical vessel, these are bottomless and will need a tealight that is contained vs. a pillar candle.

Size Measurements

Small measure approx 4.5" tall x 2.5" wide
Medium measure - approx. 6" tall x 3" wide
Large measure approx 7" tall x 4" wide

Made in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA.