On the Farm Tablecloth


A Message...

Life is a celebration. It is a rotating calendar of baptisms, birthdays, graduations, engagements, anniversaries and so many more special occasions that distinguish those days from any other. But what of the days in between? The ordinary or the mundane days that we lump together as just another week. Every day is a beautiful, new beginning to look forward to with joy. We don't believe in saving the "nice" plates for hosting or only using the "pretty" linens for parties. The home should be a reflection of the joys of everyday life. We invite you to cultivate a lighthearted home where you are untroubled by concerns of perfection for designated occasions but rather can enjoy the beauty in the everyday.

Mahogany embraces a life of color and texture and encourages us to bring this vibrance into our own homes. A woman owned company, Mahogany is committed to fostering beauty in the home everyday, with picturesque tableware and kitchen linens. With charming designs, textures and colors, their home items are manufactured in their own factories with careful detail and commitment to quality.    

On the Farm Tablecloth 

This tablecloth offers a quaint dressing for a kitchen table or breakfast nook. The fabric is patterned with illustrative detail of black and white barns and delicate trees, roaming chickens in watercolor style leaving their tracks, enclosed with a wire link fence around the border. A vision of the peace and charm of the countryside, it engages a sense of warmth and comfort we find in simpler living. Set with plaid linen napkins and wood accents for a finished gathering table.   


  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand screen printed 
  • 60" W X 60" L
  • Made in India


  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Low heat tumble dry
Women Owned Business