Round Pleated Flower Accent Pillow- Tan


Pillows add a little bit of extra comfort to a home, to rest our heads, support a tired back or to hold onto as we sink into the couch. They are a small detail to add beauty into any space while also providing a sense of ease. 

This round pleated pillow is a charming accent for a couch, chair or bed. The pleated detail and the checkered design is characteristic of a country aesthetic, and the floral center gives a cheerful and natural tune to the room. If you prefer a more minimal approach to decorating seating in the home, these throw pillows are easy to place in baskets along with small lap blankets. This creates an extra accent that is at hand when needed, but leaves more open seating, if desired. 


  • Cotton, Poly Fiber
  • 18" Diameter


  • Spot clean only