Blooming Trio Watercolor Fine Art Print on Linen


A Message...

Since we were small, one of our favorite weekend enjoyments has been the festivals that begin when the weather starts to warm, with tents of vendors showcasing unique trinkets and handcrafted specialties, filling open fields and empty lots. Our favorite booths are those of artists. By so many different hands, we can see at depth the immense beauty of the world in a way we've never seen. Art is as communicative as speaking, and when we find a message that reaches us, that we connect with or that gives us a new understanding of the world in which we live, we want to bring that into our lives and into our homes. Our perceptions of life are impacted by our own experiences, our environment and social influences. The old phrase "you are what you eat" is not simply about nutrition. We are the choices we make each day. The books we read, the music we listen to or the hobbies we invest time in. What we consume influences the life we create or want to create for ourselves. So it is with art that we try to bring to our homes the beauty in each day.

Sarah Rose applies her original watercolor paintings to surface pattern designs for home textiles. With the belief that "beauty matters" and "should be accessible to everyone, everywhere", Sarah brings the natural beauty of the world to the home. Her inspiring organic influence allows connection with the beauty we experience everyday and encourages us to create a home space that is inviting, personal and harmonious. 

Blooming Trio 

Warm golden hues and vibrant magenta make this print of three blooming pansies a welcoming piece to your space. With delicate heart-shaped petals, pansies are considered thoughtful and loving. This art print makes a beautiful gift that conveys true relationship. Whether to a friend, significant other or as show of remembrance, gifting this print of three pansies makes a special gesture or joyful addition to your own home. 


  • Natural Linen 
  • Printed Using Eco-Certified Water Based Inks
  • Framed with magnetic wooden frame
  • Part of the Modern Folk Collection 
  • A lovely gift for thinking of you, love or remembrance
  • Dimensions: 11 x 14 in (27.9 x 35.6 cm)
  • Printed in Europe