Commentsold Faq

How do I start shopping?

You can download our Grey Tree Boutique App to shop!
Grey Tree a has new app! This app is here to make your live comment sold shopping more convenient and easier to use!

Head over to the app store on your device today and download the Grey Tree Boutique app. 

Getting started with the app is so easy!
1. Download it.
2. Create and login to your Grey Tree Boutique account
3. That’s it!!!


  • Tune into our lives within our app! No Facebook account necessary.
  • Convenient shopping. Simply add items to your cart while watching live feeds!
  • View and edit your waitlist.
  • In app notifications for every live feed and fit video!
  • Exclusive sales and more!


All the same Comment Sold guidelines apply within the Grey Tree Boutique app! See Below!

How Do I Shop on a Facebook Live?

  1. Once you have located our live sale, a live replay, or posted item, you will need to click into the Write a comment field.
  2. You can then type Register and hit the enter key on your keyboard.
  3. Our shop will automatically send you a confirmation link where you will then need to select Log In.
  4. A new window will open and ask you to confirm your contact details. Once done, select Confirm.
  5. Last, on the left side of the account page, you will need to select the Get Started link, if present. This may launch an additional pop-up asking for confirmation.

Items only stay in your cart for 4 hour before it expires and goes to the next person on the waitlist. Items go in order of comments and inventory availability. 


Comment Format:

SOLD "#" 

If size is required it will need to be added after the SOLD "#" including a space.

For example comment: 

SOLD 100 Small

Message for notification that an item is in your cart:


Message for notification that you are waitlisted for an item:


Message for notification that an item is now in your cart and available for purchase:



If You Comment And Do Not Receive A Message: 

If you comment and do not receive a message, try commenting again. Make sure you are commenting in the correct format. Our system will not recognize a comment that is not typed or formatted correctly. 


Preorder styles are pieces that are available for order before they arrive to our warehouse. These styles can take weeks and sometimes longer depending on the manufacturing process.

If you decide to preorder an item on our website, please note the following: 

• Payment is charged immediately at checkout not when the item ships.

• We add estimated manufacturer shipment details for Preorders on the Product Page in the description when available. 

• If a date is listed on the Product Page, this is an approximate date provided by our manufacturer. We are only able to update this information when it is provided to us.

• We do our best to communicate as much information as available for Preorders. There can be thousands of orders for each style, and it is not possible to contact each customer individually, as much as we would like to.

• If you do not see an update, we do not have any further information at this time.

• Once the style arrives to our warehouse, it will be inventoried and prepared for shipment. You will receive an email containing your tracking information as soon as your order has been shipped.


What does Authorizing my card mean?

When you choose to authorize a card, you are giving CommentSold permission to charge your card and place an order if the item goes in your cart or comes back into stock. CommentSold does not charge the card before this time. This includes if an item is restocked.

How to authorize your card:

To Authorize your card, click “Be First on Waitlist”

Another window will pop up that looks like this:


You must authorize your card for each individual item, or you can enable “Comment Charge”, which will automatically authorize your card for anything that comes in to your cart.


Authorizations and Restocks:

If your card is authorized for an item and a price increase is needed to reorder the item, the increased price will be the price you will be charged, not the original price as authorized. The increase will not be more than $5. If you do not wish to pay the new price after the authorization goes through and your order is processed, you will have until the end of that business day (5PM PST) to email and cancel your order. Any attempts to cancel your order after that will be invalid and the standard Comment Sold return policy will apply. 


If you are checking out through Comment Sold there may be a system delay that can result in the possibility of an item becoming sold out. Even though it shows you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled.