Rock Creek Soaps

We specialize in hand poured natural eco-friendly soaps and bath products. We use sustainable eco-friendly ingredients from natural and organic sources. Our materials and packaging come from sustainable, as local as possible sources. Our bar soap, bath bombs, shower steamers, salt soaks and sugar scrubs are completely vegan, and all our products are cruelty free, free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. We partner with two local non-profits: HER CAMPAIGN a rescue home for trafficked and abuse survivors, and with Hannah House Ministries. We choose to make a personal impact and do more than just give 1-5% of our proceeds. We offer a Work Therapy Internship for women in need. They directly work with us on our products.  In fact if you buy our soaps or bath products, they may have helped with the packaging, or assisted in the making or clean up. Thank you for your support. 
Made in USA.